What is Luteolin Used For?

What is Luteolin Used For?

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    To put it simply, luteolin is a building block found in citrus fruits that gives them their natural vibrancy and color. These building blocks, known as bioflavonoids (or flavonoids) are widely found in plants. Flavonoids serve many functions in plants, from producing yellow, red, or blue pigmentation to serving as chemical messengers or cell cycle inhibitors.

    Luteolin is just one of over 5000 naturally occurring flavonoids that have been discovered and catalogued. It can be found naturally in thyme, juniper berry, dried oregano, mint, and more. See more Food Sources. It can also be found in supplements online or in select health food or supplement stores.

    Top Five Benefits of Luteolin

    1) An Immune System Boost

    Ingesting luteolin sublingually may help people stave off certain symptoms of inflammatory and neurodegenerative diseases. The pharmaceutical industry is big business because people are constantly finding themselves vulnerable to the common cold and the ever-increasingly fatal flu. But, there are tons of ways to boost your immune system naturally and luteolin happens to be one of them! While constantly trying to cure the sniffles, allergies, coughing, and other symptoms during the flu season, you may find that you have amassed a vast collection of anti-histamines, ibuprofen, expectorants, and cough suppressants. This might not all be necessary because luteolin has been found to show strong anti-histamine properties.

    2) An Improvement in Mental Function

    Proper brain functioning is essential, especially in a time in which more than 5 million people in the country have been diagnosed with Alzheimer's disease.

    If you feel you need to strengthen your brain, you could feel experience some benefits from feeding it nutrients like luteolin.

    Adding regular luteolin intake to a meditation regimen helps you sharpen your focus exponentially and keeps your memory in its best shape possible.

    3) Anti-Inflammatory Properties

    In addition to helping you avoid age-related memory disorders, luteolin can be tremendous in getting rid of swelling. Whether you have stiff joints, back pain or arthritis, you'll be glad to know that it has natural anti-inflammatory properties. This helps you bend and move with ease.

    By managing the inflammation in your body, you may also prevent these chronic pain issues from getting worse as time goes on.

    4) A Natural Anti-Depressant

    Many people have been able to get their lives back on track after taking luteolin, with some experiencing significant mental rebalancing. Depression affects more than 300 million people. If you are one of these sufferers, luteolin may be just what you need!

    Instead of an antidepressant pill, which can have side effects like nausea, insomnia, and irritation, this is a natural substance, making it easier to digest. But, we recommend speaking to your doctor first and combining your luteolin supplement with a healthy diet and active lifestyle.

    5) Increased Blood Circulation

    Without a doubt, your heart is one of your most vital organs. When you take care of your heart health, it will translate into other health benefits.

    An increase in blood circulation helps with healthier hair, skin and nails and more energy throughout the day. Lowering your blood pressure through increased circulation helps keep your blood rich with nutrients that are great for your overall health.

    As an added benefit, you may notice an uptick in your libido as well, thanks to the increased blood circulation.

    Getting It Into Your Regimen

    The best ways to add this bioflavonoid to your regimen is to find great sources of it in your diet. The second best option is to take supplements. Here are some food sources of luteolin, just in case you'd like to try integrating it into your diet:


    Thyme is a leafy green plant, similar to mint. People have used thyme for centuries to cure a number of ailments. It's easy to fit thyme into your food, since it's used to flavor many recipes. From a health perspective, many people use thyme to build immunity when fighting respiratory illnesses and viral infections.

    Thyme is also packed with Vitamin C, which is also useful in fighting colds, allergies and illnesses.

    Juniper Berry

    These berries act as a natural diuretic, which allows you to clean your body of toxins. By clearing toxins, you could have better digestive health and energy! Mental health is also linked with your body's ability to get rid of toxins. So, ingesting juniper berries could help you restore a healthy mental state.


    Oregano is packed with antioxidants (molecules which inhibit the free radicals that may damage cells). People who eat fresh oregano regularly report greater blood circulation and are able to stave off infections more easily. It's easy to flavor your food with oregano; try adding a bit to your daily s3oothies or adding to savory dishes.


    It can be really difficult to change your diet and even harder to remember to purchase these new ingredients each time you go to the store! But, if you combine natural sources with our supplements, you will likely experience better results.

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