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Luteolin Complex Powder

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Our LutiMax Luteolin Complex Powder is an All Natural Immune Support Supplement that is used for neutralizing free radicals, reducing inflammation, protecting neurons from damage, supporting healthy neuron and muscle function, and reducing the cytokines TNF-alpha, IL-6, and NFKB – all of which are elevated in chronic inflammatory and neurodegenerative conditions. Made up of only 2 ingredients, Luteolin & Rutin, that are extracts of leaves, fruits, and vegetables.


My three year old has been on Lutimax for 2 1/2 weeks. We noticed a difference just 4 hours after his first dose! He made eye contact with and spoke to a cousin for the first time. Other improvements we’ve noticed: happier, dancing, playing with sibling, responded to his name, better attention.

Bethany from Washington

My son who is diagnosed with autism spectrum disorder has been taking Lutimax for about four months now and it’s made a huge difference. His teacher told me he is doing well academically in school. I’ve tried many supplements that are now sitting on the shelf but Lutimax is a keeper. It’s great for treating inflammation which I think if one of the main problems with kids on the spectrum. I’ve recommended this product to other parents. Thank you for making this product available.

Sarah Massachusetts, USA

Wanted to share what’s going on with us & Lutimax. We started on the plain version, pediatric powder, started seeing some good things, but the hyperactivity was OFF the scale. Talked with the people at Lutimax, who were so quick to call me back, and discovered we needed the other Lutimax with the added L-Theanine. They got it out to us in one day. We are trying one daughter on it now, the other we are waiting for a few days to start. So, after the VERY FIRST DOSE we saw a couple of words in our almost completely nonverbal child! Will post more as we see more, good and bad, but we are keeping our fingers crossed!

Cindy Texas, USA